ZombieBash! Play iPhone, iPad, and Android!


Play The Best Zombie Game Out There!

Playing is easy! You just get a copy of ZombieBash! from either your web browser using Facebook, or from the Apple Store for your iPhone, iPad, or maybe your iTouch or Android! Start the game, invite a friend, pick your zombie, then pick your moves! That’s it! Feel free to fight a Random Stranger until your friend arrives. Your bound to get some random fights before long. And for our Android friends, we’re working on it! We have Android’s too!

So Stop Fighting In Real Life!

Settle your differences with ZombieBash! We’re sure once you get started, you won’t be able to stop! And the best part of all, ZombieBash! is a FREE zombie game! You can hire more zombies for life if you want, but you don’t have to!

If you want more details on how to play, head on over to our “How To Play” page and get the scoop!



Three Years In The Making!
Well, three and a half if we’re counting, and we’re just getting started! Zombie Bash! is a hand animated masterpiece of gaming. ZombieBash! introduces the fighting game genre to social gaming in a simple family friendly way that’s never been done. Set in the amazing decade of the 1950s, the player is taken back to the style, the music, and the crazy antics that still fascinates audiences to this day! Once you hear the theme music, you’ll know you’ve left this world!

Meet The Citizens Of Our Little Town!
After all the commotion from the “you know what” well it took us a little while to start rounding up all the citizens of our little town newly named ZombieEverAfter. So far we’ve found nine dedicated folk who are trying their best to get their ball bearings together. You see the trick is they’re stuck doing whatever it was they were doing when they got bit on. There ain’t no more “regulars” left, just us zombies, but we’re doing alright. Have a look at our roster so far! You’ll be calling on them to fight real soon!